Hey Makers, Try this DIY Graphene!

  An international research team has developed a way to manufacture graphene without using any specialized equipment. For an idea of how important this breakthrough could be, consider the difference between today’s smart phones and the stationary touch-tones that represented the peak of telecommunications tech just a generation ago, and translate … [continued]

New Graphene Solar Cell Efficiency Record

  Woops, another day, another two solar records (not just the MiaSole solar record just announced). Researchers in the University of Florida’s physics department have reportedly set a new record for graphene solar cell efficiency. Here’s more from the University of Florida: Graphene solar cells are one of industry’s great hopes … [continued]

Graphene Boosts Solar Cell Efficiency

  by Marcia Goodrich of Michigan Technological University The coolest new nanomaterial of the 21st century could boost the efficiency of the next generation of solar panels, a team of Michigan Technological University materials scientists has discovered. Graphene, a two-dimensional honeycomb of carbon atoms, is a rising star in the materials … [continued]

Boron Gets a Clean Energy Makeover

Though boron  is better known for the making of bleach, as a sort of metalloid cousin to silicon it also has some intriguing potential in solar energy research. Now a team of researchers at Rice University is exploring the possibility that atom-thin sheets of boron could lead to the next … [continued]