Solar Impulse Says Goodbye To India! Hello, Myanmar! (Video)

Originally published on 1Sun4All. Solar Impulse says the 4th stopover in the round-the-world attempt will be in Myanmar, Mandalay, where Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) will be grounded for three days. Mandalay, the second-largest city in Myanmar and the last royal capital of Burma, will give the team warm, dry days with an abundance of sunshine to charge the solar cells on … [continued]

Solar Impulse 2 Lands in Ahmedabad, India (Video)

Originally published on 1Sun4All. The Solar Impulse team says via Twitter: He made it! Bertrand Piccard landed safely in #Ahmedabad after a record-breaking flight! Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) took off at 6.35am (02:35UTC) on the second flight in this round-the-world journey from Muscat (Muscat International Airport, MCT/OOMS) in the Sultanate of Oman to Ahmedabad (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, … [continued]