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Most Energy Efficient Cars For Sale In USA

As just noted in the first part of this two-part series, we decided to take a look at the most fuel efficient (i.e., gas efficient) cars on the market in the US (that article) and then take a look at the most energy efficient cars in the USA (this article). There are both similarities and differences that stood out after doing so, but there’s basically one key take-home point. We also came away with some automotive suggestions for buyers with different needs. Without further to do, let’s jump in.

Tesla Keeps Crushing, Chevy Bolt Keeps Climbing, Nissan LEAF Hangs In (US Electric Sales Report)

I love doing the US electric car sales report at the end of each quarter. With Tesla’s quarterly figures published, Tesla registration data from Europe and China mostly logged, my estimates for the first two months of the quarter, and a little more estimating (Australia, UAE, etc.), I’m able to check out the remainder I have left for Tesla sales in the last month of the quarter. As has happened nearly every time before, the figure that resulted for US sales in that third month of the quarter actually looked logical, so I left all previous months as initially projected.

USA Fully Electric Car Sales Up 47% In 2017

The US electric car market has continued to grow at a rapid pace in the past year — led by California’s particularly strong electric car market, of course. From January through August, sales of 8 fully electric cars* grew 82% in the country. Sales of 6 plug-in hybrid cars were up 28%. Overall, that meant sales of these 14 plug-in car were up 40%.

Every Plug-In Car Model Has A Selling Point

Not that long ago, only a few electric cars were on the market. Nowadays, there are a few dozen. We certainly have a few favorites here on CleanTechnica, but every plug-in car really has its own selling points. I’m sure I don’t have a comprehensive list of these in my head, and many of the points are definitely as subjective as opinions about music or movies, but below are many of my thoughts on why I’d recommend various plug-in models.