Ford electric SUV

Ford Reveals “Electrified Vehicle” Plans For Next 5 Years — What Do They Mean?

We already published some preliminary commentary on Ford’s newly revealed “electrified vehicle” plans for the next 5 years, but there are a couple of things not noted in that earlier article that are worth discussing here. In particular, there are more specifics regarding the cash, manufacturing, and a fully electric SUV that is in the works (to some degree).

Ford Teases January Reveal of New Plug-In SUV

Ford recently blasted out news of a $4.5 billion dollar investment in “electrified vehicle solutions,” which aims to electrify existing models, adding 13 new plug-in vehicles to the Ford stable by the end of the decade. Looking at the news in light of its current offerings, and it’s likely that the core of this effort is … [continued]