EV group buys

New Nissan LEAFs For $11,840 In Colorado! $11,510 In Texas!

One week ago, thanks to a reader tip, I published about a tremendous group buy discount on Nissan LEAFs in Kansas and Missouri, which brought the price of a new Nissan LEAF as low as $11,510 after incentives (the $7,500 federal tax credit and a $10,000 group buy discount). Turns out, this isn’t the only such deal in the United States. Commenters noted that almost identical offers are on the table in Colorado and Texas. The discounts run through December 31 and January 3, respectively.

Get A New Nissan LEAF As Low As $11,510 (After Incentives) In Kansas Or Missouri!

One of our readers, Bill Kalahurka, commented last week: “I just bought a 2017 Leaf yesterday! I was on the list for the Model 3, but then my local utility company (Kansas City Power and Light) started offering a $10,000 incentive for Nissan Leafs. After the KCPL rebate and the federal tax credit, I got a brand new Leaf for about 16,400 bucks! I am no longer a bystander in the EV revolution; I’m in the game, baby!”