European Environment Agency

68,000 Premature European Deaths A Year From Diesel Vehicle Pollution

Volkswagen board members must be wondering how to put away this never-ending diesel scandal, now in its third year. Despite trying its best to avoid the consequences, the auto giant was once again caught a few months back with emission tricks. Adding insult to injury, a German political scandal is brewing from citizens demanding politicians step in … and many politicians not wanting to step in.

Continuing EU Trends Will See Region Fall Short Of Long-Term Climate Goals

European Union Member States are making good progress to lowering their energy consumption and using more and more renewable energy, and are well on their way to meeting their 2020 targets for renewable energy, efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions, but a new report has shown that if current trends continue unchanged then the region will fall short of its longer-term objectives.

EU Air Pollution Limits Exceeded By 11 Member States During 2012, EEA Confirms — Germany,…

A significant number of notable EU member states exceeded air pollution limits in 2012, the European Environment Agency (EEA) recently revealed. Included among those that exceeded the legal limits are Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Not exactly insignificant players in the region. The other member states to exceed … [continued]