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Ukraine’s Power Sector Is Set For A Major Transition

Ukraine’s power sector has seen few changes during the two decades after the dissolution of the USSR, as it continued to operate as part of an energy system inherited by the newly independent states.  For 20 years, it was rolling down the hill without a clear vision for the future. Now everything is about to change. Multiple pressures and opportunities have merged to open up a new pathway for the country: Ukraine can get on board of Europe’s grand energy transition by starting a profound transformation of its power sector.

Poland Has Huge e-Mobility Plans

The Polish government has adopted a new law on electromobility aimed at turning Poland into an e-mobility leader in Europe. The country wants to have 1 million EVs on the road by 2025 (download position paper here). Already home to electric bus manufacturing plants and a big EV battery plant, Poland is set to become the motor for electrifying transport in Europe. “We are really pioneers,” says Marta Gajęcka, Head of Energy Advisors to the President of the Republic of Poland, in an exclusive interview with Energy Post.

Anil Srivastava, CEO Leclanché, Europe’s Battery Leader: “Public Transport Should Take The Lead In Electrification”

Originally published on Energy Post by Karel Beckman Leclanché, the oldest battery company in the world and the largest lithium battery manufacturer in Europe, has embarked on a special strategy to drive the electrification of transport forward. “We are giving priority to the electrification of buses, ferries, and other mass … [continued]

EU Energy Sector Inquiry Should Be Welcomed

Originally published on Energy Post. By Diego Zuluaga Capacity problems can best be tackled by letting prices fluctuate and making energy providers responsible for intermittent supply. To the extent that support schemes are used, they should be technology-neutral and driven by market forces to ensure efficiency, argues Diego Zuluaga, Deputy … [continued]