Eos energy storage

The Great Energy Disruption

Nearly 10 months ago, Tony Seba, author of the 2014 book Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, posted a video on YouTube, “CleanDisruption.” In both, he projected that a nearly complete disruption of the energy business would begin in 2020 and be well underway by 2022, the year he projects for distributed solar power with battery backup to fall below the cost of transmitting electricity. It is a point at which centralized power plants, if they are to compete with solar-plus-storage, will have to provide power for free. He believes that all centralized electric power producers will be obsolete by 2030, as will conventional cars and utility companies.

California Energy Commission Gives $2.1 Million To Eos Energy Storage For Demonstration Of AC-Integrated Zinc…

Eos Energy Storage was recently awarded $2.1 million by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to support the demonstration of the company’s AC-integrated zinc hybrid-cathode battery system (Zynth), according to recent reports. For a bit of background — the Znyth battery system/technology is based on the use of a novel zinc-hybrid … [continued]

43 Battery Storage Companies To Watch

As I wrote in my piece on cleantech trends from 2014 and expected cleantech trends in 2015, the battery storage market is really blossoming. There are now quite a number of battery startups and battery departments within big corporations that seem to have promising products arriving on the market or soon to arrive … [continued]