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Carsharing & On-Demand Taxis Transforming Transport, & Can Now Be Combined

The modern landscape of transit is rapidly shifting. Expanding mobility services are changing the market. It is a swift 8 years since Uber was founded and 5 since Lyft began. Now, tapping up an Uber is as common as hailing a taxi for many people, or more common than getting a taxi ever was for them. One can arrange an Uber in the US and worldwide — Rome, Wroclaw, Oslo — seemingly any city. In fact, I once had a person arrange an Uber for his wife at a Florida airport from an app in London, England.

Volvo Creating Carsharing Business Unit

The Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo has announced that it will be creating a new business division based around its carsharing work. While this will technically be a new enterprise, Volvo has actually been running a carsharing service known as Sunfleet for nearly 20 years now (since 1998), so the company won’t be entering the field unexperienced by any means.