The Other Bitcoin Problem

It is not just the carbon footprint. During the Civil War, a postage stamp to mail a letter cost 3¢. It was still 3¢ when I was a kid. There had been times of inflation, but the price of the stamp had not changed. In fact, during the Civil War, … [continued]

The End Of Oil & Gas: A Different View

I have come to believe that the end of oil & gas could look very different than what people expect. In ways it could appear even to defy the accepted law of supply and demand. If I am right, loss of demand in the face of continued availability of the resources could drive retail prices up instead of down. And once this process has begun, the consequences could quickly become disruptive.

The Dangers Of Reopening The Economy Too Soon

At the moment, we have had over a quarter million deaths due to covid-19. This death toll will continue to rise until the virus infects everyone and causes millions of deaths, or until we defeat it, either by social distancing and contact tracing, a vaccine, a treatment, or whatever tools we employ, including new technologies. I am personally fascinated by the potential of covid-sniffing dogs.