Donald Trump

Project 2025 x Climate Change

I asked CoPilot and ChatGPT the following questions. You can copy it and try it yourself on CoPilot here. All list and bold formatting is not mine but how CoPilot or ChatGPT answered the question. I asked “What are the impacts of Project 2025 on climate change?,” “What are the … [continued]

Image by USDA (Public Domain)

Trump Intends To Assemble “An Army” To Deconstruct the Administrative State & The Environment

Yesterday I wrote an article for CleanTechnica titled, “Be Wary What You Wish For: Trump 2.0 Will Retract Climate Laws.” That was only the beginning of the ways that a second Trump administration would deconstruct the administrative state, which would have catastrophic effects on the environment. The editorial board of the … [continued]