David Keith

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image depicting a lighthouse amidst stormy seas with the Oxford Principles for Geoengineering artistically integrated into the scene.

Oceans Need Geoengineering, Not The Atmosphere

Solar geoengineering is a bandaid on the symptoms, not a cure for the causes. It’s like putting out the fires caused by an arsonist wandering around with a flamethrower instead of confiscating and shutting off the flamethrower itself. Global heating would slow and stabilize if we stopped forcing more CO2 into the system. But it’s unclear if that’s as true for oceanic carbon uptake.

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated image of panoramic image of an air to fuel plant, creatively reimagined to emphasize inefficiency and Rube Goldberg-like complexity.

Chevron’s Fig Leaf Part 6: Carbon Engineering’s Air-To-Fuel Plan Is Even Worse

Carbon Engineering is planning to build high-cost and comparatively high-emission transportation fuels by combining their expensive CO2 with hydrogen which they will get via expensive electrolysis.