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Understanding The Value Of Solar

Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute By Virginia Lacey and Devi Glick. There’s finally some good news emerging out of the heated debate around net-metering. In California, a previously controversial bill, AB327, introduced earlier this year to reform residential electricity rates, was amended to turn earlier critics from the solar industry … [continued]

California Public Utilities Commission Does Right by Solar (Net Metering Decision a Win)

  The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today voted 5-0 in favor of clarifying California net metering policies in favor of the solar industry, homeowners, and California jobs. The decision clarifies calculation of the state’s five-percent net metering cap, which allows customers to earn credit for selling excess solar electricity they … [continued]

California’s Net Metering at a Crossroads

  There’s a big net metering controversy/conflict in California at the moment, but a conclusion seems to be near. Susan just wrote on this a bit yesterday, and now we’ve got a wonderful, exclusive guest post from Ben Higgins, Director of Government Affairs, Mainstream Energy Corp./REC Solar/AEE Solar, to share with … [continued]