COP15: Consensus Reached on Setting Up Climate Innovation Centers for Technology Transfer

India’s proposal to set up a network of climate innovation centers across the world for the development of affordable clean energy technologies for the developing and poor countries has gained approval ‘in-principle’ at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. [social_buttons] The issue of technology transfer has been a contentious one with … [continued]

COP15 Draft Should Build Foundation for Progressive Improvement in Mitigation Measures

The Copenhagen Climate Conference would produce an internationally agreed climate change treaty which would be aimed at achieving significant global reduction in carbon emissions, feels the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Mr. Yvo De Boer expressed his positive views saying that there is still a lot … [continued]

The Fossil Party and the Future Party

One of the hardest parts of checking foreign news sources – to find out what others think of the emissions reductions targets their countries are bringing to Copenhagen – is deciphering the meaning of all those political parties’ names. Who knows which side each of these is on, when it comes to climate change.