T&E's study answers the big question hanging over electric car adoption: can EVs produced in Europe be affordable for the masses?

Comma Shows Us How It Designed Its Latest Autonomous Vehicle Testing Hardware

In a recent video from Comma, we learn how it arrived at the design for its latest hardware, the Comma 3X. For those unfamiliar, Comma takes a very different approach compared to other companies working toward autonomous vehicles. Instead of designing the software and the hardware, and keeping the whole … [continued]

George Hotz: “Tesla’s Going To Win Level 5”

In his “Artificial Intelligence Podcast” series, Lex Fridman interviewed George Hotz, the founder of (among many other things), in the middle of 2019. focuses on machine learning–based vehicle automation. In the almost 2 hour podcast, Hotz shared his thoughts on a variety of things, including a lengthy discussion of Tesla’s efforts toward Level 5 autonomy.