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Gas Leaks — And It’s Worse Than We Thought

There is no question that gas extraction, production, and use is a significant contributor to our climate crisis, but just how bad it is depends a lot on how much the gas system leaks. This is because it emits methane, which is a very potent greenhouse gas — contributing more than 80 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.

"Climate change is on everyone's lips" (photo:CleanTechnica/Sandy Dechert)

Climate Change Is On Everyone’s Lips

Climate change is #1. When we say that, we don’t mean we’re all cheering for global warming. We mean the subject tops the list of the most important underreported issues in the world today—at least according to news aggregation site Upworthy. Joe Romm of ThinkProgress says the topic huge number … [continued]