Climate Institute

Limiting Global Warming Vital To Australia Preventing Global Warming Entering “Uncharted Territory”

New research commissioned by the Australian Climate Institute has concluded that it is imperative for Australia to involve itself in limiting global warming to well below 1.5°C to prevent the impacts upon Australia entering into “uncharted territory.” The Climate Institute commissioned globally recognized science and policy institute Climate Analytics to … [continued]

Can Geoengineering Combat Climate Change?

Climate change threatens an increasing list of worst-case scenarios: melting ice caps, rising sea levels, longer droughts, and more violent storms. Climate scientists have largely focused on reducing emissions to counter global warming, but a growing number view geoengineering as the Earth’s last, best line of defense.

However, the concept is controversial and unproven, and it’s unclear if it could work. energyNOW! correspondent Josh Zepps explores geoengineering, from simple measures to complex atmospheric efforts, to find out if it can combat climate change.