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Energy Storage, Efficiency, & Climate News (Energy Efficiency Program Tracker; Nest Awards; Refrigerators…)

More energy storage, energy efficiency, and climate news for your reading pleasure: Energy Storage News Hokkaido To Utilize 60 MWh Vanadium Flow Battery For Grid Storage Outback Power Releases Cost-Effective Energy Storage Solution Energy Efficiency News One Design Award After Another For Nest Save The Environment & More! Lessons In … [continued]

They’re Hiring! Green Jobs Galore as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Announces 300 New Openings

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has announced an ambitious plan to hire a whopping 300 new employees, with the goal of achieving “innovative solutions to the nation’s most important challenges in strategic security, energy, and the environment.” While perhaps best known for its work in weapons, nuclear and laser technology, the … [continued]