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Conditions Clearing for Take-Off in US Offshore Wind Power

Offshore wind power has yet to get off the ground – or in the water – in the US. That’s despite the tremendous potential offshore wind holds in terms of supplying huge amounts of clean, renewable electricity to highly populated areas all along the US East and West coasts. Conditions are changing, however. Pike Research forecasts that US offshore wind power revenue will grow 56% annually over the next 6 years.

Timber Road II Wind Farm Commissioning Marks a First for Ohio

Ohio’s commercial-scale wind farm went live today. EDP Renewables North America’s $175 million, 99-megawatt (MW) Timber Road II Wind Farm will supply electricity to more than 27,000 homes when operational. In addition to generating affordable clean, renewable power from a plentiful natural resource, Timber Road II has produced jobs, income for more than 100 landowners and tax revenue for the local government. More than 60% of the products used to build the wind farm were manufactured in the US.

Silicon Valley: Clean Tech’s New Capital?

California’s Silicon Valley is known for launching the Internet revolution, but the region has also become the epicenter of America’s clean tech industry. Billions of dollars in venture capital funding to energy-related companies has helped the region weather the economic downturn by growing green jobs 109 percent over the last decade.

energyNOW! correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan visited Silicon Valley to find out how the region’s shift toward clean energy is empowering tech-savvy workers and entrepreneurs to take charge of America’s energy future.