Carbon Tracker Initiative

China On Verge Of Wasting $490 Billion On Unnecessary Coal Plants, Says Carbon Tracker

China is at risk of wasting a whopping $490 billion on new coal plants it doesn’t need under the country’s 13th Five Year Plan, as slower power demand growth, structural changes to the country’s economy, increased non-coal capacity targets, and carbon pricing all combine to slash coal-fired generation, according to a new analysis from Carbon Tracker Initiative.

No More Business As Usual For Fossil Fuel Sector

A new report by the Carbon Tracker Initiative has concluded that the fossil fuel industry’s business as usual scenarios will not last for much longer. Specifically, according to the Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI), “Rapid advances in technology, increasingly cheap renewable energy, slower economic growth, and lower than expected population rise could all … [continued]

Coal Subsidies Boost Emissions, Distort Market, And Impede Cleaner Fuels

Heavy subsidisation of the fossil fuel industry is distorting the market, increasing emissions, and impeding the growth of cleaner fuels. This is according to a new detailed analysis report published Wednesday, and authored by the Carbon Tracker Initiative, Energy Transition Advisors (ETA), the Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis (IEEFA), and Earth … [continued]