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ATCO’s Proposed Edmonton Hydrogen Subdivision Would Pay 4-10 Times Current Cost For Heat

Every time I publish an article or post something on LinkedIn pointing out the economic folly and inevitable cul-de-sac of hydrogen-for-energy, commenters drag out new examples of bad hydrogen schemes, whether as ideas they think are proving my point or examples that disprove my thesis. After publishing on Canada’s $25 … [continued]

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$25 Billion Up For Grabs In Canada’s Progress-Light, Reality-Deficient Hydrogen Strategy

Over the past few years I’ve published assessments of the hydrogen strategies of multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, the EU, and the Canadian province of Ontario, among others. News of the German chancellor coming, cap in hand, begging for liquid natural gas and hydrogen … [continued]

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NREL’s Cost Study On Hydrogen For Heavy Vehicles Fuel Does Not Withstand Scrutiny

What is it about hydrogen for trucking that leads researchers to deeply low-ball costs at every opportunity? I’ve tried to answer this question several times. In Germany, gruppendenken — groupthink — is clearly involved. With organizations like the ICCT, it appears a desperate attempt to make hydrogen work because they … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image that visually represents the challenge of limited infrastructure for hydrogen fuel distribution.

RMI Has Fallen Into The Hydrogen For Energy Pit Again

The Rocky Mountain Institute is a respected organization that has done great work since its founding in 1982. Amory Lovins, its founder and long its leader, is a tremendous thought leader who was ahead of his time. He’s been proven right on many things. And he’s been proven wrong on … [continued]

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How to Fix What Xcel Got Wrong on Clean Heat

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission should approve a Clean Heat Plan that delivers more emissions reductions at a lower cost Landmark Clean Heat legislation from 2021 requires Colorado’s gas utilities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from gas burned inside their customers’ homes and buildings by 4 percent by 2025 and 22 … [continued]