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Trump’s 2018 Budget = Severe Cuts To Federal Funding For Transit, Bicycling, & Walking —…

Study after study after study after study shows exhaust from gas cars and diesel engines to be a major factor of disease in our world, and — tragically — in our children. With such a large amount of information on air pollution out there, why on earth would an administration claiming to care for children cut funding for clean transport (not to mention the EPA)? Is the party and its president simply disrobing its pro-child guise, its pro-life guise with the understanding that voters won’t pay attention or care?

Copenhagen’s New LED Bus Stops

Here’s another ingenious and practical infrastructure story from our mentor in all things bicycle and mass transit, Copenhagen. Safety is not a small issue with bicyclists and pedestrians. Copenhagen has many bus stops and cycle tracks with a lot of bicyclists and pedestrians, which provides the need to really integrate them … [continued]

Bicycle Infrastructure Policy Needs To Change To Increase Ridership, Improve Public Health (Harvard Study &…

Via the delectable Bikocity, here’s some recent news on bicycle infrastructure research and the need to change the bicycle guidelines in transportation planning’s “Bible” (something I’ve been advocating for, after researching the topic, for years) in order to stimulate a bigger boost in bicycle ridership and better public health. More or … [continued]