Global methane budget from the Global Carbon Project

Got Climate Change? Methane-Eating Bacteria To The Rescue!

As the reality that humans have permanently and wantonly screwed up the environment begins to sink in, lots of cockamamie ideas are being floated around that are designed to save us from ourselves. Giant sunshades in space, aerosols in the stratosphere, beaming electricity down to Earth from satellites, direct carbon … [continued]

Animal Agriculture & Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, PTSD, Biodiversity Loss, & World Hunger

This is the part three of a multi-article series on the connection between animal agriculture and various societal and environmental problems. This article covers the relationship between animal agriculture and wildlife habitat encroachment, species extinctions, concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) odors, financially marginalized communities, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, world hunger, tax subsidies for animal agriculture, hidden costs of animal agriculture (including subsidized fast foods), slaughterhouse PTSD and alcohol/drug abuse, domestic abuse, human rights issues, and more.

Climate Change May Enable Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria To Flourish

Experts already know that climate change has become a significant threat to global public health, particularly as rising temperatures have produced greater populations of disease-transmitting insects, such as mosquitoes. But warmth also encourages bacteria to grow, providing them a chance to mutate and elude drugs that once easily killed them. While antibiotic resistance is believed largely due to the indiscriminate prescribing of antibiotics, experts now think that other environmental stresses — climate change among them — also may be at work.