ChatGPT & DALL-e generated panoramic image depicting the contrast between Germany and Australia in terms of nuclear energy

Germany’s CO2 Off 10%, Coal & Nuclear Down, Gas Networks Next, Oz Debates Nuclear

Recently I was engaged in an odd conversation online, one that spanned from Australia to Germany, almost exactly the opposite sides of the world. Australia is in the throes of a deeply odd energy conversation about whether nuclear generation is necessary or not (it isn’t). The leader of the Australia’s … [continued]

Image created by Microsoft Copilot

LG Energy Solution Strengthens Partnership with WesCEF, Secures Stable Lithium Supply Chain for the North…

LG Energy Solution signs a second offtake agreement with WesCEF, expands its supply chain for competitive lithium procurement Lithium hydroxide and lithium concentrate from WesCEF’s Mt. Holland lithium project to be assembled into IRA-compliant batteries for the North American market The company to secure reliable and sustainable supply chain by … [continued]