Angus McCrone

7 Interesting Stats From Michael Liebreich’s Latest Electric Vehicle Article

We already wrote about Michael Liebreich and Angus McCrone’s BNEF article regarding the commencing electric vehicle (EV) revolution and the ripple effect it will have throughout much of society, but Michael and Angus have published another piece on this topic over on City A.M., a shorter article that is perhaps even more pointed due to the … [continued]

Electric Cars “To Reverberate Through Other Sectors,” BNEF’s Liebreich & McCrone Explain

The electric vehicle is expected to “reverberate through other sectors,” such as oil, electricity, retailing, and even tax collection, according to a new commentary published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Authored by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) advisory board chairman Michael Liebreich and chief editor Angus McCrone, the new commentary, … [continued]

How Much Trouble Is Wave Power Worth?

A lot of figurative-ink has been spent on the possible value of tidal and wave energy rounding out the renewable energy market, but Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Chief Editor Angus McCrone recently discussed these technologies as more trouble than they’re worth. Appearing on Bloomberg’s “The Pulse,” McCrone got into just how much … [continued]