CleanTechnica’s E-Bike Guide: How To Choose An E-Bike You’ll Love

The e-mobility market is booming. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, dropping technology costs, and rising fuel prices, the e-bike market alone was valued at more than $27 billion in 2021 and is expected to balloon to $55 billion by 2027. From there? As American cities begin to more closely resemble European cities and internal combustion bans in city centers, the demand for clean, affordable, and personal transportation is only expected to accelerate.

To meet that demand, established bicycle manufacturers have invested millions into new, and innovative electrified products to help new riders get up to speed. Along the way, they’ve found that electrification could make riding more fun for even the most advanced riders — and they’re not alone. Along with storied brands like Giant, Schwinn, and Specialized, hundreds of other brands have appeared, each working to differentiate themselves with features, price points, and marketing messages for e-bikes that (they hope) will set them apart in an already crowded e-mobility marketplace.

How can you separate the signal from the noise? That’s what the CleanTechnica E-Bike Guide is here to help you do. Click on the image below, or the PayPal button, to purchase the E-Bike Guide for $9.90. You’ll receive the download link after payment has been received.