Author: elzoido

My Energy Outlook For Germany 2025

Below is my energy outlook for Germany 2025. But before delving into that, let’s take a quick look at where many forecasts go wrong. The Art Of Getting It Wrong Every year we are being bombarded with dozens of studies and reports that show how our energy supply will change … [continued]

Awesome German Wind Industry Videos

I’ve been meaning to share these two videos with the Cleantechnica community for ages, so now I finally got around to doing so. Both videos focus on the manufacturing processes of the wind industry. To be precise, they give a behind-the-scenes look at the production of turbines by the leading … [continued]

Italian Solar Provides 5.6% Of Demand In 2012

According to provisional data released by the Italian transmission grid operator TERNA, solar energy provided 5.6% of Italy’s electricity demand in 2012. In relative terms, this makes Italy the most solar-powered industrialized nation of the world, even surpassing Germanys 4.8% share of solar in the electricity supply. In absolute terms, Italian … [continued]

Infographic — A Summer Day in Germany

This week, Germany got wonderful sunny weather all over the place, which made me hopeful that a new solar power record might be around the corner. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen on Monday, but 21.7 GW of peak output and 184 GWh aren’t bad either! That’s Giga with a G, as in … [continued]