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Image courtesy of Mitsubishi.

What Are Heat Pump Air Conditioners?

The world recently experienced its hottest month on record. And with climate change fueling increasingly routine heat waves across the map, leaving a worrisome trail of health emergencies and deaths, keeping cool is a matter of health and safety like never before. Shoppers considering buying a new air conditioner—whether that’s … [continued]

What’s The Most Energy-Efficient Water Heater?

The new generation of eco-friendly heat pump water heaters will reduce your home’s emissions while also shrinking your utility bills. Of all the appliances that compete for a homeowner’s attention, from vacuum cleaner robots to video-enabled door locks that double as security guards, the standard 50-gallon water heater is the … [continued]

From Highways to Healthy Communities, Transforming How California Invests in Transportation

The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 proposed the audacious goal of connecting the United States with a 41,000 mile federal interstate system. Since the Highway Act’s signing, California fully built out its interstate and state highway system, expanding mobility access for car-owners, stimulating economic development, and creating thousands of jobs. … [continued]

“Forever Chemicals” Data from EPA Shows Widespread Contamination & Underestimate of PFAS Contaminating Tap Water

PFAS, a category of toxic chemicals that consists of thousands of man-made compounds, are used by industry and often added to consumer products, ranging from cookware to cosmetics, to make them stain- and water-resistant. PFAS are nearly indestructible “forever toxic” chemicals that are found in our air, water, food—and our bodies. They can be harmful to human health even at very low doses, with some being linked to immune suppression, cancer, and developmental disorders. However, there has been little done to address PFAS contamination.