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American Manganese Positions Itself To Lead The Charge Into EV Battery Recycling

American Manganese (AM) says it can retrieve 100% of the lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese and aluminum from batteries, like those used in plug-in vehicles, using technology it originally developed to process low-grade manganese ores. We spoke with American Manganese CEO Larry Reaugh about its roots in mining and how he believes it sets them up to lead the charge into plug-in vehicle battery recycling.

LG Chem & 3M Enter Into Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide Cathode Materials Patent License Agreements

LG Chem and 3M have entered into a patent license agreement concerning the use of nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide (NMC) cathode materials in lithium-ion battery technology, according to recent reports. Regarding the terms of the new agreement, LG Chem has been granted license by 3M to use US Patents: 6,964,828; 7,078,128; 6,660,432; 8,241,791; … [continued]

Cathode layer consisting of spherical particles and simulation of the sodium fraction. (For the detailed caption, see the end of the text. Graphics: Simon Daubner, KIT)

Batteries: Modeling Tomorrow’s Materials Today (Sodium-ion Batteries)

Microstructure Simulations Reveal Strong Influence of Elastic Deformation on the Charging Behavior of Layered Oxides Used as Cathode of Sodium-ion Batteries Which factors determine how quickly a battery can be charged? This and other questions are studied by researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with the help of computer-based … [continued]

Image courtesy of Bosch.

Bosch Ventures Amplifies Commitment to Cleantech With Two Battery Recycling Investments

Revolutionizing Battery Recycling on both sides of the Atlantic. Aachen based cylib raised €55 million round, the largest investment round ever raised by a European battery recycling company. US based Li Industries raised $36 million round, led by Bosch Ventures Dr. Ingo Ramesohl, Managing Director of Bosch Ventures: “We are … [continued]

Altilium’s pilot battery recycling scheme will produce battery-ready cathode active material (CAM) from used EV batteries. Image Altilium

Altilium Announces Technological Advancements In Recycling Of LFP & NMC Batteries

Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group focused on supporting the transition to net zero, has announced details of the latest advances in its innovative EcoCathode™ hydrometallurgical recycling technology, with breakthroughs in the recovery of lithium from new battery chemistries and the production of cathode active materials (CAM) from a mixed … [continued]