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Clean Power SolarEdge Creates Perhaps Best Solar Video Ever

Published on December 30th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


SolarEdge Creates Perhaps Best Solar Video Ever

Perhaps I’m just in a good mood, but this video below is great. Aside from being fun and catchy — and very well produced — the video focuses on the fact that technologies evolve, and uses that as a good way of showing that fossil fuels are way out of date and ripe for retirement. Furthermore, the SolarEdge crew highlights in numerous places that solar can save you money, a very important matter for consumers. But it does so without being pushy about it. Well done.

From the description on the YouTube page, SolarEdge writes: “Bringing you the latest video production — written, performed and sung by SolarEdge employees! We have toured the globe, learned some new dance moves, and found many new talents among our worldwide employees. Join us in screaming and shouting that solar power is the OBVIOUS energy choice.”

Indeed, join in!

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  • Amy Clavero Real

    Great video and song although it got boring near the end.

    Kudos to Solar Edge, they make reasonably priced inverters that have 25 year warranty to match the solar panel warranties. I have 2 Solar Edge inverters for my 9.18 kW system.

  • Tom G.

    Yup I agree Zachary – its fabulous. Catchy foot tapping music and excellent message.

  • Wayne Williamson

    Cool video and catchy…

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