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Clean Power Alamo I.

Published on December 24th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


Largest Solar Plant In Texas Completes First Phase

The first 41 MW phase of the largest solar project in Texas has been completed. This is a 400 MW project, which means it can power up to about 133,000 homes. The project is being developed by OCI Solar.

Alamo I.

Alamo I.

“The 400MW project resulted in the largest economic development agreement between a municipal utility and private company,” said Doyle Beneby, CEO, CPS Energy. “The partnership will bring manufacturing, 800 permanent jobs and an annual economic impact of US$700 million to Texas,” he added.

It is called the Alamo I power plant, and once it is complete, it is expected to quickly put Texas further up on the list of states with the most solar power generation capacity.

For now, it will be constructed bit by bit. The large solar project will be continued with the addition of another 4.4 MW in 2014, so it will have the nameplate capacity to power an additional 1,466 houses when that phase is complete.

The electricity generated by this solar power plant will be sold via a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) to CPS Energy, a utility company.

SEIA has stated that Texas has the greatest solar power generation potential in the US.

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Image Credit: OCI Solar.

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  • Johnny Le

    It’s a 400 MW project but in 2014 , it only adds 4.4MW? At this rate it’s going to take 80 years to finish the project. How wonderful.

  • Jim Nelson

    Is this project just floating around in the sky over Texas, or does it actually have a location somewhere on the ground? Where? You can’t tell from the story.

    • Matt

      CPS Energy is in San Antonio so maybe there? Or close to there?

    • Bob_Wallace

      Santa was not good to you this year, eh Jim?

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