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Cars solar EV survey

Published on December 20th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Solar PV Owners & EV+Solar Owners, Don’t Forget To Contribute!

We’ve actually got a pretty good number of responses on these surveys. But I’m hoping there are more of you who skipped them the first time around but would be up for contributing now. It would be much appreciated

Also, if you have friends who have gone solar, please share with them!

If you have gone solar, could you please answer these 2 short-ish questions:

I can’t really offer you anything extra for filling out these surveys, but if you haven’t seen, we are offering $25 of free solar power investment through Mosaic.

If you have gone solar AND you own/lease an electric car (100% electric or PHEV), would you be so kind as to answer these 2 short questions

Thanks! Here’s $25 of free solar power investment.

Of course, a big thanks also for going solar and driving elecric!

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  • John Tucker

    Shame on you people. Closing down real discussion. Dont think people wont remember what you did.

    • Bob_Wallace

      John, when people repeat the same misinformation over and over it is not a real discussion. It’s a troll festival.

      If you want to exchange incorrect information with other people there are plenty places on the web to enjoy yourself.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Don’t you have some second-graders to sell a dime bag of uranium to that you need to be meeting?

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