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Cars Clever EV charging station Denmark

Published on December 19th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Denmark’s CLEVER Orders 50 More EV Fast Chargers From ABB

Clever EV charging station DenmarkDanish “electric-mobility operator” CLEVER is rolling out DC fast chargers for electric cars across Denmark. A new order of 50 Terra 53 CCS (Combo) compatible DC fast chargers from power and automation company ABB* will bring the country’s total up to 100. The first 50 DC fast chargers were also purchased from ABB, at the beginning of 2013.

These DC fast chargers will be compatible with the new BMW i3 and VW e-up! electric car models.

“ABB provides the chargers and industry-leading software solutions for remote servicing as well as connectivity to subscriber management and payment systems,” ABB notes in a press release. “Each web-connected ABB fast charger has a wide range of connectivity features, including remote assistance, management and servicing, and smart software upgrades. ABB supports all fast-charging standards and protocols such as CCS, which is critical to maintain compatibility between rapidly evolving cars and chargers in the years ahead. This compatibility will also allow CLEVER to maintain a reliable service and to upgrade its network as the technology evolves.”

In addition to these 100 DC fast chargers, CLEVER also has AC chargers in its network.

“CLEVER’s strategy is to follow the car and that’s why we, as Denmark’s leading electric-mobility operator, establish charging stations for all types of electric vehicles available in the Danish market,” said CLEVER CEO, Lars Bording. “This means that you can always be sure that there are (fast-)charging stations in our network to match your electric vehicle. Electric vehicles and charging go together, and it is critical that we deliver a charging infrastructure which is compatible and reliable.”

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*Full Disclosure: I write for ABB Conversations. Nonetheless, I would never publish a story on CleanTechnica that I didn’t think our readers would value, and this post wasn’t sponsored in any way.

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