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Published on December 12th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


All-in-One Container-Type Energy Storage System From Hitachi Unveiled

Hitachi, a large, Tokyo-based global electronics company, has unveiled an energy storage system aimed at complementing solar and wind power developments — “CrystEna” (Crystal+Energy). CrystEna incorporates a wide range of electricity grid technologies from Hitachi. It isn’t yet ready for the commercial market, however. Plans are to implement a demonstration project in the United States to evaluate its commercial competitiveness.


With several decades of energy storage experience, Hitachi could be a major player in this arena as the industry grows by leaps and bounds. CrystEna incorporates Hitachi Group technologies and expertise from the following fields: electricity generation, transmission and distribution, grid stabilization, batteries, power conditioning systems (PCS), control systems, and more.

“The 1 MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system package announced today utilizes Hitachi Chemical’s lithium-ion batteries to raise system performance, such as extended expected battery lifetime, and realize high economic viability. It was developed with an emphasis on maximizing the benefits to be obtained by customers during long-term use,” Hitachi writes.

“Initially, Hitachi will conduct field trials in the rapidly growing U.S. ancillary market and plans to accumulate know-how from testing battery capacity optimality and durability as well as the control algorithms written to maximize income from power sales.”

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  • Globalthinker

    1 MW or 1 MWh? Whichever is it? And what is the corresponding figure?

    • Zachary Shahan

      1 MW

      • Stan Hlegeris

        That’s still just half the answer. If the maximum instantaneous output is 1MW, for how many hours can it produce this output? In other words, how many MWh can it deliver between charges?

        We would expect you of all people to be precise about MW and MWh.

        • Zachary Shahan

          Yeah, i don’t know about that half. Info not provided.

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