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Published on December 10th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


When Solar & Wind Power Capacities Go Up, Electricity Generation From Solar & Wind Go Up (Charts)

It’s logical, right? More solar power capacity = more electricity from solar power. More wind power capacity = more electricity from wind power. Nonetheless, we do attract a fair number of trolls who like to claim that capacity isn’t important, electricity generation is all that matters, and solar and wind power plants don’t produce electricity at 100% of capacity. Indeed, they don’t — no type of power plant does — but the relationship between capacity and electricity production is pretty damn clear, as these two charts from the National Renewable Energy Lab’s Renewable Energy Data Book [PDF] (h/t Pet Danko) show:

US Wind Power Capacity & Generation


US Solar Power Capacity & Generation


Go ahead and file those away in your “Graphs for Trolls” folder.

Electricity from solar power plants and wind power plants is growing fast, and it cuts more and more electricity production from other power plants. So, there’s a lot to cheer about from growing solar and wind power plants!

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  • harlypiter234

    Solar and wind power electricity generating, both are great natural energy resources. very interesting post, waiting for more ideas.

  • Wayne Williamson

    very nice to see these trends, I do hope the continue….

  • Michael Berndtson

    More of these, please. Trolls don’t lack intelligence, since many have technical degrees. Many are simply limited by a script supplied by the client or employer. Keep these posts simple and obvious. My beef with some environment and energy blogs is when fanboys jump into the comments to push one technology or methodology over another. The discussion quickly devolves into a smartphone tech blog with comments like: “Apple sucks. No Apple’s great, you suck. No you and your stupid smartphone suck.” This is followed by completely nonsensical technical jargon from all commenters. Nuclear in general and thorium specifically discussions typically morph into a “which smartphone is better” melee.

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