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Clean Power Image Credit: Brazil flag via Shutterstock

Published on October 31st, 2013 | by James Ayre


December Brazil Energy Auction To Feature 3.6 GW Of Solar PV & 16.42 GW Of Wind Power

The upcoming A-5 energy auction in Brazil will feature more than 16.42 GW of wind energy and 3.6 GW of solar energy.

The auction has seen a record highest number of applications since the energy tender auctions began in Brazil in 2005, and also a record highest number for solar PV in the auctions. More than 929 power projects have registered to take part in the auction, including 162 solar projects and 670 wind energy projects — with the remaining numbers being from hydro, mini-hydro and biomass, coal, and natural gas plants. The projects as a whole total more than 35 GW of potential energy capacity — successful projects are expected to be online sometime by the year 2018.

Image Credit: Brazil flag via Shutterstock

Image Credit: Brazil flag via Shutterstock

With regard to the solar projects, to be specific, 152 of the solar projects are solar PV and the other 10 are solar thermal projects — the solar thermal projects account for around 290 MW of potential capacity. The A-5 auction is currently set to be held on December 13th.

The A-5 auction is the second Brazilian government auction that solar has been approved to participate in. In order to participate, auction participants have to be licensed by Brazil’s Energy Research Company (EPE). The first auction to include solar projects, A-3, is to be held on November 18. Projects from that auction should be completed and online by 2015. That auction includes 2.7 GW of solar PV contracts.

The registration of more than 35 GW worth of new projects brings “great tranquility” to Brazil, with regard to the country’s future energy security, according to the president of EPE, Mauricio Tolmasquim.

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  • JamesWimberley

    The awards for wind under the last auction were constrained by grid issues not price. The same is likely to hold for upcoming auctions, giving an advantage to projects in the high-demand south over the sunnier north-east. Brazil has not yet drawn the conclusion the Chinese government has, that with a wonky grid you should give priority to distributed solar over utility.
    The point of solar and wind in Brazil is not so much to reduce carbon emissions from energy – the country is over 80% renewable with its massive dams and bagasse ethanol programme – as to avoid any more big dams in the remote Amazon, which spur deforestation.

    • arne-nl

      “bagasse ethanol program”

      To be exact, the bagasse is the residu. The ethanol is produced from the garapa (the liquid containing the sucrose), the bagasse is burnt to power the production process and generate electricity.

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