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Clean Power Image Credit: Man on Mars via Shutterstock

Published on July 9th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Solar News & Wind News (Electric Slavery, Insanity In Congress…)

Naturally, be sure to check out the hottest solar energy news and wind energy news of the past week — the stories we already covered. But for even a bit more, check out the 21 solar and wind energy stories below.

Solar Energy + Wind Energy

Image Credit: Man on Mars via Shutterstock

Image Credit: Man on Mars via Shutterstock

  1. Congress Calls For Colony On Mars While Cutting Funding For Renewables
  2. Retail Power Rates Could Drop In Germany
  3. German Economy Minister’s Latest (Dumb) Proposal
  4. The Poor Are Not Suffering From Energiewende, They’re Suffering From Poverty
  5. Industry Mood About Energiewende Worsens
  6. New Charts On Renewable Power In Germany
  7. Utility 2.0: Can Political Activism and Microtargeting Boost Clean Energy?
  8. Renewables Rise To 15% In Australia As Demand & Emissions Fall

Solar Energy

  1. Advantages Of Solar Power… vs Insanity
  2. It’s Time To Do The Obvious
  3. Emancipate Yourself From Electric Slavery
  4. PV Industry Investments Starting To Recover
  5. Extraordinary Solar Light Now Available For Off-Grid Victims Of Energy Poverty
  6. Australia’s July 2013 Solar PV Price Index
  7. Xcel Responds To SolarCity’s Challenge
  8. Champion Nano-Rust For Producing Solar Hydrogen
  9. The Global Solar Market Is Bigger Than Germany & US, Or Why The BTI Is Wrong About The Future Of Solar PV

Wind Energy

  1. IPA Concedes Wind Farms Successful in Displacing Coal
  2. The Lamentable Tale Of The Nonexistent Wind Turbine
  3. First V112 Offshore Wind Turbines Installed
  4. Vestas Gets 93 MW Wind Turbine Order In South Africa

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  • Matthew

    I find it weird how we have to give up either. China plans to have a first rate space programs with the best renewable energy set-up on earth. It’s time to get out of the middle east and spend our resources on our own betterment and lead within science.
    I find it frankly sad that a science site would attack our right to be in space.

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