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Climate Change nuclear power costs

Published on July 9th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency, & Other Energy News

A bit more energy news for you, beyond the solar and wind pop stars:

nuclear power plant czech republic

Image Credit: nuclear power plant in Temelin, Czech Republic via Shutterstock

  1. “Intermittent and Unreliable” — Another Nuclear Power Plant Fails In Extreme Heat
  2. 5 Ways To Engage Low-Income Customers On Energy Efficiency
  3. Energy Storage Promise Found In Common Chemical
  4. Biggest Oversight In Obama Climate Action Plan
  5. What Would Happen If Candidates & Electric Officials Were Asked To Sign A Climate Action Pledge?
  6. Energy Storage: Why We Need It & What It’s Worth
  7. Waste Wise Turns The Volume Up On Waste Management Solutions

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  • Neil Blanchard

    Pilgrim nuclear plant in Plymouth needs to be shut down – because they are running out of space to “store” the radioactive waste. There IS NO SOLUTION to this!

    Nuclear power is the stupidest way we can think of to boil water. Why are we being stupid?


  • Alessandra Ribeiro

    Innovations in all
    areas of sustainable energy supply and energy consumption are among the most
    effective tools we have to fight the negative consequences of climate change.
    Existing technologies allow us to substantially reduce greenhouse gases in
    the U.S. by increasing energy efficiency and saving energy, leading to a
    sustainable use of resources. Intelligent climate solutions with clean energy
    provide ecological benefits as well as economic advantages.

  • Ross

    What’s with all these intermittent nuke plants? We’re going to have to go to the expense of rolling out more renewables now to back them up.

    • Bob_Wallace


    • Zachary Shahan

      You know they don’t reduce CO2 emissions at all because they all have to be backed up.

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