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Cars nissan leaf charging station

Published on February 3rd, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Nissan Is Tripling Its Number Of Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers In US

Nissan couldn’t meet its ambitious goals for early sales of the Nissan Leaf, but the future of electric vehicles (EVs) like the Leaf is no less bright. EV prices are dropping like beads of sweat on a hot summer day, EV sales are growing fast (and have been much greater than early sales of now-super-popular hybrid electric vehicles), and there’s one good EV charging story after another these days.

nissan leaf charging station

On Thursday, at the Washington Auto Show, Nissan announced that it has “outlined its strategy for tripling the current electric vehicle quick-charging infrastructure in the United States with the addition of at least 500 quick-charging stations in the next 18 months, including the greater Washington D.C. area’s first fast-charge network.”

Good move by Nissan. Yet another push to get yourself an EV and enjoy the luxury of never again having to visit a gas station, the benefits from saving serious time fueling your vehicle, the peace and quite of an EV’s silent heart, and the good feelings from knowing that you are cutting your CO2 emissions (and other harmful emissions) tremendously.

This is part of an experimental “Sunday quickies” series in which we quickly cover stories recent stories for which we didn’t have time during the previous week.

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