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Clean Power Siemens Wind Power - The Next Big Step

Published on November 17th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Siemens Wind Power Video — Classic

This Siemens wind power video is awesome. Well thought out, well implemented, clever, attractive, excellent. Check it out:

Notably, wind power is now the cheapest form of electricity in many (perhaps most) places. Even without proper pricing of pollution (which would make coal and natural gas electricity much more expensive), wind power is the best option for those who want cheap electricity.

Siemens is certainly on to something with its emphasis on wind, and I imagine it (as one of the world’s top wind turbine producers) has done a lot to bring the cost of this clean technology down.

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  • Adam Devereaux

    I was expecting something… A little more educational. Anyone know of any good videos to share with others explaining the current state of wind and solar power potential?

    • Dave2020

      I agree. All PR presentation – no substance.

      An educational video is exactly what I need to put my design message across. Look at the problems I have explaining marine wind developments on this thread:-

      Siemens and the rest of the wind power industry have failed to address the challenge of moving from land to sea and are woefully negligent on the issue of energy storage.

      Consequently the state of the art is incapable of delivering on the next TWO big steps.

      Anyone know how to get a good video made? I don’t have the resources myself.

    • Zachary Shahan

      Hmm, yeah, this is just a fun cheerleader video (with a good underlying theme). :D

      I’m not aware of any such video, though making one sounds like a great idea! Bookmarking this as my 75th planned article/video. :D (Maybe not 75th exactly, but something around there.) Let me know if you run across anything first! :D

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