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Cars OpConnect Allows Smart Phone Payment at EV Charging Stations

Published on October 31st, 2012 | by Joshua S Hill


Use Your Smartphone To Pay At An EV Charging Station

OpConnect, an electric vehicle (EV) charging systems operator has launched its new payment method, which allows customers to use their smart phone — be it an iPhone or Android — to access free or paid charging stations.

OpConnect Allows Smart Phone Payment at EV Charging Stations

“A complaint we often hear in our industry is that drivers have to carry a RFID device, or a card to access certain stations,” said Dexter Turner, OpConnect CEO. ”OpConnect has always allowed any EV driver access to our stations without the need to pre-register or call a phone number.

“Now we’re making it even easier for drivers to use OpConnect network stations with their smartphones.  Our strength is our software and systems integration capability, including mobile technologies.  This is another example of how we’re listening to the market and continually innovating to give EV drivers what they want.”

In addition to being able to use a smartphone to use an OpConnect charging station, customers can also use an email address, a credit card, an OpConnect Network card or the Wright Express Fleet card.

For more information visit the OpConnect website.

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