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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Joshua S Hill


Largest Transparent Photovoltaic Roof in the US

The oncology division of the US head office of pharmaceutical company Novartis will soon be looking up to the country’s largest transparent photovoltaic roof.

Sunways AG announced the news of its largest individual order for building integrated photovoltaics to date. The office building was designed by architectural firm Rafael Viñoly from New York.

Sunways described the innovative design:

“A special process provides the semitransparent solar cells with square cut-out openings. This leads to transparency levels of around 10 percent. The staggered arrangement of the solar cells in individually manufactured solar glass modules leads to additional transparency for daylight. The result is an aesthetic solar roof as a multifunctional solution: it not only protects against environmental influences but also uses existing surfaces for the production of renewable energy while rendering natural lighting and shading possible.”

Sunways will be providing 161,000 monocrystalline, semitransparent design solar cells for the project, which be installed into a roof area of around 2,547 square meters with a rated energy output of 295 kilowatts.

Source: Sunways AG
Image Source: Bodisun New Energy

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  • Marc Lopata

    They might be the biggest “someday”, but right now the largest real solar roof prize belongs to the Moonrise Hotel in St Louis, MO. This was designed and constructed by Microgrid Solar in St Louis, following the creative direction and imagination of Joe Edwards, owner of the Moonrise and Blueberry Hill.
    Congratulations to the Moonrise!

    • Zachary Shahan

      it’s a transparent *PV* roof?

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