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Published on September 6th, 2012 | by Adam Johnston


GM Volt August Sales = 2,831 Units, New Record

August sales of the GM Chevy Volt are their best yet.

According to Autoblog Green, 2,831 GM Volts were sold in August. That is higher than its previous best in March of 2012, when the GM Chevy Volt sold 2,289 units.

Michelle Malcho, a GM Spokesperson told the Detroit Free Press the following:

“We’re really seeing momentum continuing to build. As people see their neighbors have one and as they start to understand the technology and are able to drive it, they put it into their consideration.”

Malcho also noted that one-third of all Volt sales come from California, while Michigan provides a strong sales base.

It’s also expected the GM Volt plant in Hamtramck, Michigan will shut down for one month starting mid-September. The reasoning for the month-long closure is likely due to retooling, levelling out supply and demand levels, or a combination of both.

While nearly 3,000 Volts were sold last month, only 685 Nissan Leafs were sold. In August 2011, that number was 1,362. In July 2012, it was a much worse 395. Though, according to some of our readers wanting a Leaf, they are might hard to get in some locations, despite being advertised as available. Odd.

Source: Autoblog Green
Image Credit: GM Volt at 2012 New York International Auto Show via Shutterstock

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