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Published on April 16th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


#1 Cleantech or Clean Energy Site — CleanTechnica

April 16th, 2012 by  

Update: CleanTechnica was #1 again in April & May. Also, checking, we are #1 in the world (unless there happens to be a very popular German, Japanese, or other cleantech site I’m not familiar with). has just released its monthly stats (for websites of all sorts). For the third month in a row, CleanTechnica is the #1 site focused exclusively on the topic of cleantech or clean energy (based on the common/default “monthly visitors” metric). There are, of course, some larger sites that cover a broader range of topics (e.g. politics, animal and environmental news, the economy, science news, everything imaginable, and so on) that have more monthly visitors, but for sites completely focused on our cleantech or clean energy niche, we seem to be holding steady at #1.

Yet again, this offers an opportunity to say “Thank You!” (And to encourage you to keep hitting those sharing buttons!) But it also presents an opportunity to reflect on what CleanTechnica is all about and how it has gotten so popular.

Personally, my vision for how CleanTechnica tries to serve this world is thus:

  • we try to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives (related to everyday activities and consumer technology);
  • we try to inform by providing correct information on important energy and technology topics, especially addressing common myths and misunderstandings;
  • we try to usefully discuss the challenges facing clean energy and other cleantech — technical as well as socio-political challenges — and potential solutions to them.

People want solutions, and I think that’s what we’re all about. We touch on the problems to the extent that I think is necessary, but we don’t live dwelling on the problems. Rather, we live focused on finding and implementing the most helpful solutions.

I think that most people would rather see solutions than problems (though, there are many who are certainly addicted to looking at the problems), and I think that’s one key reason why CleanTechnica has grown as it has.

But maybe I’m off my rocker and in my own little CleanTechnica bubble. 😀 Let us know if the above rings true to you, or if CleanTechnica is about something else to you.

Also, I think I read every single comment on our site, and your feedback has without a doubt been key to my growth in this field and the site’s as well. So, again, thank you! 
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  • Kesiraju Venkata Subramanyam

    Renewable energy should play a key role in the future global energy supply, no short cuts, no alternatives.

  • zia farooqi

    I need to buy solor ac that runs 100% on solor, to whome I have to contact, my email adrs is :, pl advise

    • Bob_Wallace

      Without knowing where you need this system I doubt anyone would have any information for you.

  • rkt9

    Congratulations on Cleantechnia’s rating! Thanks to you and all the contributors that make this site one of my almost daily go to sites for keeping abreast of all the good things clean technology it working hard to bring to the world. Speaking for myself, I am very pleased with your positive attitude, it has been a pleasure to watch this site grow and improve! Keep up the great work!

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  • ecokaren

    Whooo HOoot! Congrats to CleanTechnica and Zach! Not surprise at all!! Cheers to your success!

    • Zachary Shahan

      Thanks. 😀

  • Hope

    Pragmatic optimism, that why cleantechnica is my home page.

    When mainstream and social media drowns you with doom and demise, cleantechnica is like coming up for air.

    • Zachary Shahan

      Thanks. Yeah, I also originally thought about noting that we don’t really play around with the pie-in-the-sky solutions much — we try to focus on what’s actually possible and likely. I know some of the other big sites that cover cleantech a bit post a lot on futursitic concepts that are really never going to happen.

      anyway, thanks for the note! 😀 nice to have you chiming in a bit lately. so many readers never chime in — and i guess i get that, since i don’t do so on other sites 😀

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