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Published on April 16th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


SolarKindle Now On Sale

solarkindle solar-powered kindle

We gave some giddy mention to the SolarKindle a couple times in January. News is the SolarKindle, which won the CES 2012 Innovation Award and guarantees 3 months of unplugged reading time, is now on sale. SolarFocus, the creator of this solar-powered e-reader cover, has also announced a new Facebook Mother’s Day Promo Campaign in which people can wind Amazon gift cards worth $200.

Here’s some more info on the SolarKindle:

  • Solar powered e-reader cover with flexible, lightweight solar panel built into the cover.
  • Dual-charging (USB/solar) reserve battery greatly extends reading time.
  • 3-month guarantee for unplugged Kindle use under normal sunlight environment.
  • LED reading lamp turns on with one touch release.
  • Integrated reserve battery runs the LED lamp for up to 50 hours continuously without using the Kindle’s main battery.
  • Integrated reserve battery can also transfer energy to the Kindle’s main battery to extend reading time.
  • Integrated solar panel collects and converts solar energy “on the go” — one hour under direct sunlight can provide up to 3 days reading time.

And here’s more information on the Facebook/$200 giveaways:

“Starting from April 1st – May 31st, SolarFocus will be giving away monthly Amazon gift cards worth up to $200. To enter, ‘Like’ the SolarFocus official Facebook fan page at:, then post a photo of yourself reading with SolarKindle on your Kindle, tag ‘Solar Focus’ on your picture and share it on Solar Focus’ Facebook wall. The person with the most ‘Likes’ on his/her photo will be chosen each month to receive an Amazon gift card worth $200.”

You can now buy the SolarKindle on the SolarFocus website for $79.

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  • Ross

    Is this with the WiFi/3G turned on or off? The Kindle uses a lot more power when that’s enabled. Unlike a back lit LCD the e-ink display uses very little power. I note they say at least 3 months, I’d expect to get unlimited life span from the solar if the Kindle wasn’t being used heavily.

  • Hope

    i hope the company will accommodate other models. I have a Sony ereader that spends half its day sat on a window sill.

  • lukealization

    Solar power should work really well with the Kindle as I’m told it’s a rather low powered device…

    I’m actually in the process of building my own solar powered charger for my iPhone from barebone passive circuit components (resistors, capacitors, solar cells, diodes etc)… building things yourself really is fun and there’s an amazing sense of self-achievement when it works!

  • Mark Thomas

    Typo – can “wind” should be “win”

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