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Clean Power first employee owned solar power plant in uk

Published on February 23rd, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


UK’s 1st Employee-Owned Solar Power Plant Installed

first employee owned solar power plant in uk

The Eden Project has now completed the first known employee-owned solar power plant in the UK, a 50-kilowatt PV array that includes 200 solar panels.

Familiar with the Eden Project? I wasn’t either…. The Eden Project is apparently an educational charity in Cornwall in the UK, and a pretty cool-looking one at that. Here’s a video of the Eden Project if you want to learn more about that before getting on with the news:

“Ebico, the Witney-based social enterprise that is the UK’s only not-for-profit electricity supplier, lent money to a new company that put 200 panels on the roofs of some of Eden’s storage buildings,” the UK’s Carbon Commentary writes.

“Employees are now able to buy shares in the new business and the proceeds of this unique offer will be used to pay back Ebico. Savers putting in as little as £200 each will share in the feed-in tariff income for the next 25 years. Returns are projected to be over 10% per year for small investors.”

For more info on this project or other potential projects like it, as well as an interesting discussion of the UK’s feed-in tariff program, check out the Carbon Commentary post.

Photo via Carbon Commentary

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  • Zachary Shahan

    Thanks for the note.

    I totally understand.

  • Zachary Shahan

    Nice quote. I’ve noticed this in Europe, in general. It’s hard to find a people as willing to take risks as Americans, but it’s even quite limited there. But a question: are you trying to develop/design something yourself, or just trying to inspire someone else to?

  • lukealization

    50kW from 200 panels? I didn’t know you could buy 500 watt panels in the first place…

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