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Clean Power offshore wind farm

Published on February 21st, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


33,000 More Offshore Wind Power Jobs in Germany by 2021, Study Finds

offshore wind farm

How about the U.S.? (OK, let’s not go there today.)

The news: A new study Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), Volle Kraft aus Hochseewind (“Full power from offshore wind”), has found that Germany will have a not-so-tiny 33,000 jobs in the offshore wind power sector by 2021! That’s 18,000 more than in 2010.

Even more good news: small and midsize companies will be providing about 90% of the added value, according to the report.

“In the fields of project development, the supply chain, construction services, and other services, I still see a lot of growth opportunity for midsize companies,” Thomas Ull, SME expert at PWC loan, said. Companies all over Germany, providing components for the offshore wind industry, would benefit.

In total, PWC estimates Germany will have 8.7 gigawatts (8,700 megawatts) of offshore wind power capacity up and running by 2021.

“Along the entire value chain from planners to equipment manufacturers and servicing technicians, revenue is to grow from 5.9 to 22.4 billion euros a decade from now – and that does not even include revenue from the sale of offshore wind power,” Regine Krüger and Craig Morris of Renewables International write.

Approximately 1,000 companies took part in a phone survey as part of this study.

(OK, I’ll come back to it—can we please make sure that the U.S. has at least a couple of offshore wind farms up by that time!? I know the Obama administration has done a lot on this front, as we’ve been covering for year, but we really need citizens to put more pressure on Congress and on local governments, and to bust the many wind power myths promoted in the U.S., if we are going to compete in this important green jobs and clean, renewable energy sector.)

Photo: offshore wind farm via shutterstock

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  • Fred K

    The wait for US offshore wind to get off the ground and in the water is painful. We should have been there 5 years ago. Let’s all agree to kick every last climate change denier out of Congress and replace them with champions of renewable energy!

    • Zachary Shahan

      Yes, exactly! That is our #1 need

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