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Published on July 9th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


CleanTechnica Reader Survey Results!!

OK, time to share the results of our recent (and first ever) reader survey. Here we go….

CleanTechnica readers are interested in seeing CleanTechnica cover:

Yes, solar is popular, as are scientific advancements and breakthroughs. Wind is also up there, predictably. Though, I was surprised to see how many people were interested in energy efficiency, consumer options, and energy storage.

You were pretty split on how you’d like us to cover the above — more posts vs more depth vs just how we’re doing so now. But, overall (on average), it seemed you’d like us to cover things the way we have been.

Similarly, the largest percentage of respondents asked that we publish 4-6 posts a day (pretty much what we’ve been doing for a long time),.. but the answers were quite varied:

As far as all the cleantech news we don’t cover in-depth, almost everyone wanted us to cover it in daily or weekly roundups, but the % of people who chose the former (42%) was very similar to the % who chose the latter (51%).

Ever been curious if cleantech professionals or non-professionals are reading our site? I know I have. Predictably, more non-cleantech professionals read CleanTechnica, but, a decent % of our readers are cleantech professionals, too.

One more interesting category is how long the respondents have been reading. Quite a variety of responses, but also clear that we’ve got some great, dedicated readers who have been following us since the beginning (or close to it). Thank You! & hope the rest of you stick around in years as well.

Of course, just because the survey is over doesn’t mean you can’t shoot me feedback. You can add a comment below or elsewhere and I’ll be sure to read it. Thank You

And please know that I’ve taken all your input from this survey into account and we are adjusting a bit as a consequence. (Including all the extra comments. Thank you for those.)

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