eVTOL Aircraft Are Getting Closer To Flying You Than You Can Imagine

I’m always surprised talking about electric vertical take-off & landing (eVTOL) aircraft technology at a party. Most people think electric urban air mobility (eUAM) won’t happen for a decade. Apart from the sad fact I talk about such things at parties, their reaction is puzzling. While most people think eVTOL aircraft won’t happen for a long time, that is a serious underestimation. Many aviation heavy-hitters and startups are already testing them. Heck, you can even buy one now.

Zunum Partners With France’s Safran For Hybrid-To-Electric Airplane

If you haven’t heard much from Zunum Aero these past few months, that’s because the company has been hard at work developing its hybrid-to-electric, 12-seat, 700 mile commuter aircraft. In order to do that, Zunum Aero just announced a strategic partnership with global French aviation company Safran to handle the long-term agreement through its Safran Helicopter Engines subsidiary for its Zunum Aero ZA10.

Airbus, Siemens, & Rolls-Royce Collaborating To Develop Hybrid Electric Engine (E-Fan X Program)

Three of the top aviation engine engineering firms in the world — Airbus, Siemens, and Rolls-Royce — are now collaborating on the development of a hybrid electric aircraft engine, the companies have jointly revealed. The new program — which has been dubbed E-Fan X — comes as competition in the sector to be the first to market with an electrified plane has begun intensifying. The new collaboration aims to fly a demonstrator aircraft in 2020 after ground tests have concluded.