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ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image illustrating the metaphor of pH balance scales in a marine setting.

No, Dumping Tums In The Ocean Won’t Help Climate Change & Why Is Shopify Involved?

Geoengineering raised its misshapen head today. Someone tagged me on a post on LinkedIn related to a firm that wants to put a common antacid into the oceans to bond with carbon dioxide they’ve absorbed. I nerded out and am deeply skeptical about the entire thing. That’s a pity, as … [continued]

Those Wild Electric Cars That Influenced Modern EVs & PHEVs

Along the way on the rebirth of the modern electric vehicle (EV), we’ve witnessed some “far out” and pretty wild projects. We also saw some of the world’s smartest folks pull together top engineers and brilliant ideas. Some of these companies and projects have threatened conventional carmakers inebriated with bottom line profits to the detriment of innovation. Sadly, some of the companies have fallen by the wayside, while other idle, waiting for the right moment to hopefully capitalize on the business sense of their leadership.